The Struggle

Have you ever tried to imagine Africa?The Dirt roads,the mud huts,the hot sun,and the dark people.Well if this is what you imagined are are right and wrong.Where I live in Africa Which is Nyangwena Zambia you are right.The sun shines over heat and makes the air hot,the people are dark and it is very dusty.One thing is I live in a simple brick house and the people around me live in a mud hut with a grass roof.All the roads that lead from my house to the school we work at are dirt.You are also wrong though because we live in the bush.In the city which is an hour away there are paved roads nice buildings and internal people.Dot get me wrong though the roads are filled with pot holes ,police checks,and crazy drivers.Also the buildings are not like Walmart or Target.Living in Zambia is so unique and hard all at the same time.When you walk into a room or through a door the same thought run through your head each time,is there going to be a rat or a snake? Yes everywhere you turn something is crawling weather it be a snake,rat,spider,millipede,cockroach,scorpion,or some other strange bug that you have no clue what it is but is probably poisonous.You always have to be very careful because you could run out of propane if you leave the stove on for too long or leave the fridge open.You could run out of water just because you took a five minute shower instead of a three minute one.You could run out of power either because there wasn’t enough sun to build up the solar or because you left your light on too long.Its the little things here that make a big difference.Have you ever looked out your window and you see a big cow with horns the size of you just staring.Have you ever seen a chicken in your window looking at you as you wake up.i certainly never thought I would.Yet here i am in 100 degree weather living the amazing life I never thought I would be living.God has called me to amazing things and adventures.



Zambian Pride

Zambia has its ups and it has its downs but everything in life has that. The first year I was hear I struggled with not having any of my family here, because in the states we would get together every fourth Sunday and we would spend every Tuesday in the summer as a family at my Grandma’s pool, and of course we would all get together as a family on holidays. But when we came here I had none of my cousins, aunts, uncles, or grandparents.

But when I found peace with that it was easier for me to focus on the good things. Like at gas station there are people that stay outside to fill up your tank for your car. In Zambia they also have some of the best and freshest produce like fruit and vegetables.

The people of Zambia are some of the most kindest people I have met! They love kids and when they see little kids they will say “greet me baby”. When they can talk english and you need help they would always be more than happy to help. More times than once I have seen several Zambians pushing a broken down car with the people still inside the car not helping. But if you look at there faces they at like they are pushing a famous person and having the greatest time of there lives.

When you get used to it here and you find God’s peace you start to enjoy it and it is easier to find the little things enjoyable to.

So I hope  that you will keep following me and keep on watching for what God is doing in my life.


Love at First Sight

Living in Zambia is so much fun! It has had a little bit of every thing. Adventure, love, community, growth but most of all God. He is that the center of this place.

When I first got here there was so much love and joy. I really wanted a piece of that. So I tried; and when I sat down with some of the kids and really invested in them I had so much fun and enjoyed it. They have such a light hearted laugh. There smile is so sweet that it just makes you smile right back. It is so much fun to play with them! Especially the ones who know English because you really never know what your going to talk about or even do. You could really talk about anything from fasting to dresses. You might end up playing anything from chiynto (ch – ee – ah – toe) to 9 square in the air. Love, joy, and of course God are everywhere here and you can tell. I am going to try to invest in these kids and show them that I really care through Christ who gives me strength, because when you do that you will be friends for life.





The lord has blessed me tremendously!!

He has give me more than I could have ever asked for and has given me amazing opportunities.Since it is getting close to Thanksgiving I wanted to list some of the things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for…

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Rainy season
  • Community
  • The Esther School
  • Laughter
  • Books
  • Music
  • Skittles
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Pintrest

And so much more.I challenge you that as Thanksgiving draws near you will take time to list out the things you are thankful for then pray and thank God for them.I can tell you that God is waiting for you to talk to him and thank him for your many blessings.I hope you will do this and also keep following my blog:)


Different Perspectives

In The States if my dad told me that we were going to get up and drive an hour so we could get ice-cream and pizza i would probably pitch a fit and ask why don’t we just drive 10 minutes down the road and get good o’l Dairy Queen. If my dad told me that we were going to eat Pizza Hut i would probably complain because I like Papa John’s better.Yet here in Zambia my attitude has changed completely.When we head into the city my heart is full and excited.Going is such a treat that it doesn’t matter what time we go or get back we are happy to go.I always look forward to the smell of pizza and the taste of ice-cream it is always the highlight of my week.I am so happy that we are blessed enough to drive into the city because most of the people at The Esther School never get the chance to drive in an Air conditioned car with their family to get some treats.God has blessed me with so much and so many opportunities and he is teaching me that no matter where you are or what has happened there is always a reason to be thankful. I can only hope and pray that if you are reading this you will understand how fortunate you are and think about some things you are thankful for maybe its as silly as Pizza and ice cream:)


Things We Take for Granted

This week we had a long weekend. It was great! We did a lot of things that other people might take for granted. On Friday my dad had to do pay roll for the guys that work for the Esther School. So we stayed home and hung out for the day. But we got to watch a movie before bed which was special.

On Saturday my dad said that we could do something that we wanted to do. When my brother made the suggestion that we could go see the movie Secret Life Of Pets I was getting excited. My dad said that we could so we looked it up and found out that we could see it at 2:30.

As we went through our chores I was thinking about what else we could do. After we were all ready and had our chores done I was thinking of what to make for lunch because my mom was at a hotel with some other people from the Esther School for some mom time. Then my dad made the suggestion that we go to Pizza Hut for lunch. I agreed because I think that it is some of the best pizza in Lusaka. Lusaka is the city that is closest to us. It takes an hour to get there. The movie theaters, Pizza Hut and all the other things that are so close to us back home in America are there.

So we headed into the city. When we finally got to the city we headed to Pizza Hut. We ordered a cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza, and a dessert pizza. Then at 2:10 we headed to the movie theaters. It seemed to take a long time for the movie to start because we had gotten there early. But when it finally started it was worth the wait. It was so great movie and really funny.

After the movie we went to the ice cream store. The best ice cream store in Lusaka! It is called Gigigonta. In the States I take things for granted so much. For instance when my mom needs to quick get something, I baby sit and it takes her about ten minutes! Were as here it takes just an hour to get there.

When we got back home it was getting late. So we got ready for bed and watched another movie before bed. After the movie we were all exhausted. So we went to bed. On Sunday Mom came home and it was a minnie celebration!

So I hope that you will keep following me and seeing me on my blog.





Why Us, God?

When my Dad told my mom that he felt God calling us to Zambia my mom asked question after question about what if, and are you sure, and but. But my mom started to pray about it. My mom told a couple different, close friends about it and asked them to pray about our family and our decision. One of my mom’s friends told my mom that she needed to take a day to pray about it. So she did and when she walked out of our church prayer room she felt the call to. But that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t worried about anything. My mom had six things that she brought to the cross.

  1. a home school teacher
  2. safety
  3. money
  4. jobs
  5. our home
  6. how to tell our family we were leaving

God answered all of these prayer requests in his time and in his own way. First my mom felt that God was telling her that it would be okay and to trust him. Second my mom and dad talked to there bosses about there decision and they both said that my parents could there jobs back when we came back form Zambia. Third my dad’s sister, her husband and two daughters were going to live in our house and when we came back they move back out and we would move back in. Fourth the Esther school called us and said that they had a home school teacher for us already. Fith my Dad went to Zambia on a mission trip and then they knew that it would be safe after getting a first hand experience  mom had a friend call her and tell her that she felt God telling her to do something for our family; so my mom told her that we needed money so she organized an action. Sixth when we told our family they were shocked but they told us that they would support us what ever diction that we made.

Now we are on our third year and we are still making memorize. I hope that you can join me on our adventure and keep following me on my blog.

Love, Alaina