Birthday Party


Finally it had come after waiting all week! Today was the day of the Birthday party.It was going to be a blast.We are going to celebrate the January and February Birthdays.

We had been waiting for this party for months.We had bought decorations and costumes about 2 months ahead. We had planned everything out and talked about it more times than I can count.

Finally the day had come we were all so excited.In the morning The neighbors came over Alaina and Ava. We did our make up, hair, and nails while we excitingly chatted about what the day was going to look like.

Finally by 2:30 we had everything set up and ready to go. All the girls had their TuTus on, sashes that said happy birthday on them, and fathered mask.We had set up the photo booth so some of us had already begun taking pictures while we waited for the guest. Once the guest had arrived and put on their mask we spent an hour using the photo booth, chatting and laughing.

Once everyone had the pictures they wanted we played two games Party Quarks and Princess Knight Rider. It was so fun! We all cracked up and have memories for life.

We did so much more and as I look back on it I see how blessed I truly am.That I have a community all around me that loves God with all their heart and shows it everyday.That they would come and play games, wear silly masks and laugh together.Community is such a blessing and hold so many treasures all on its own.For as long as I live I will never forget the sisters and brothers I have made here at TES.God has truly blessed this place with amazing people.


Take Me Back to The Esther School

Have you ever been so excited to go to camp and you get there and have a blast? Yet at the end of the day when you think about it you miss home?

Its the same thing when you go back to America.When you are in Zambia you cant wait to get to America all you can do is think about it.You count down the days and make list of what you want and contact all your friends.You can’t contain the excitement of being home,seeing family and friends,eating junk,and watching Netflix and lets not forget AC! Its always a wonderful thought.

When the time finally comes you board that last plane until you are there back in the arms of your family.Its all so fun and exciting.You touch down,collect your luggage then rush past people to find your family.Thats when you see them! You drop all your stuff and run to them and end in a huge embrace.Its all good at that point.

Then once the excitement wares off and its a week later the jet lag kicks in:(

You are tired when other people are waking up and awake when other people are going to sleep.Let me say for those who have never experienced jet lag it stinks!

Then finally after a couple weeks the jet lag wares off you you start to get use to everyday life again but also you think I wonder whats going on at home?You start to miss being home and going to school and being with your Esther School family.So when the time comes for you to go back it’s always sad saying goodbye but it’s also good to return to your everyday life.



The Struggle

Have you ever tried to imagine Africa?The Dirt roads,the mud huts,the hot sun,and the dark people.Well if this is what you imagined are are right and wrong.Where I live in Africa Which is Nyangwena Zambia you are right.The sun shines over heat and makes the air hot,the people are dark and it is very dusty.One thing is I live in a simple brick house and the people around me live in a mud hut with a grass roof.All the roads that lead from my house to the school we work at are dirt.You are also wrong though because we live in the bush.In the city which is an hour away there are paved roads nice buildings and internal people.Dot get me wrong though the roads are filled with pot holes ,police checks,and crazy drivers.Also the buildings are not like Walmart or Target.Living in Zambia is so unique and hard all at the same time.When you walk into a room or through a door the same thought run through your head each time,is there going to be a rat or a snake? Yes everywhere you turn something is crawling weather it be a snake,rat,spider,millipede,cockroach,scorpion,or some other strange bug that you have no clue what it is but is probably poisonous.You always have to be very careful because you could run out of propane if you leave the stove on for too long or leave the fridge open.You could run out of water just because you took a five minute shower instead of a three minute one.You could run out of power either because there wasn’t enough sun to build up the solar or because you left your light on too long.Its the little things here that make a big difference.Have you ever looked out your window and you see a big cow with horns the size of you just staring.Have you ever seen a chicken in your window looking at you as you wake up.i certainly never thought I would.Yet here i am in 100 degree weather living the amazing life I never thought I would be living.God has called me to amazing things and adventures.