About Double A Expeditions

It’s crazy how fast you become sisters when living in a third world together.We describe it by saying one week together in the States is like one month together in Zambia. So when we think about  how we have lived together for so long it only makes since to call us sisters.Together we have grown each other and helped each other mature in many ways.I am the older sister she never had and she is like my younger sister.We become closer everyday because we do school together and have all the same classes and homework.We both have big hearts for The Esther School and love the kids and people here.We have lived together in Zambia for two years and have grown closer to christ and because if this we are sisters in christ.Things that we both enjoy doing together are reading,singing,music,swimming,and more.Now we tease each other like sisters should.Together we are changing each other for the better. We are so happy to have started a blog and we would love for Y’all to keep following us in our journey at The Esther School.Thanks for all the support;)