Right Next Door

I will miss my new sisters here when we come home this summer. There is so much community here. Mrs. Allison is my math teacher and my sub-mom, miss. Lisa is so open and aware of the kids and does special things for us, Abby and Analeigh are now my sisters and we will always be sisters, and all the others have had such an influence to me. Miss. Rachel is my Bible teacher and Miss. Cecilia is my grammar teacher. I am so blessed to live in close community with these great people of faith. We had a party for me, Analeigh, Abby, Lacy and Seth’s friend Abe. All the teachers came, Abby, Analeigh, Abby, and there parents came, and our friends from Chongwe came. These people jumped threw hoops to make it work. Mrs. Allison and my mom bought some things for it like masks, and mustaches and sunglasses for a photo booth, Miss. Lisa did three games, Miss. Cecilia brought tottos for it and many people did things for our party that I don’t know about. I will miss this so much when we go home. But, at the same time I can’t wait to see my family. I love my life because there is nothing better than being right in the middle of God’s will.

Here is a poem that I wrote. In Language arts we are learning about poetry. The one that I picked is about a child that lives on the streets. So here is a poem that I wrote:

the tree sways

it has something in its branches

it’s a mango

a food that sustains me

when almost all the corn is gone

when we are just planting new

that’s when there ripe

that’s when we eat them

God did it

He planed it that way

he knew we would need food

and He knew what times

mango tree, mango tree

your fruit is for me

it is sweet, sustaining, and satisfying

mango tree, you are a food storage


that’s the sound of the mangos being eaten

crunch threw the hard skin

slurp the juice

God, thanks for the mango trees

my family is still alive, I am still alive

our corn is planted

and my new baby brother is still alive

mango tree, mango tree

thank you, thank you, thank you

God, God thank you most

I am still alive today

Thank you for reading my blogs.



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