Looking to the future

This January we were given an assignment to reflect on the new year…but from the perspective of ourselves n the future. How did the year 2017 in Zambia impact us and grow us us? When we reflect on who we are at this time in our life, what do we want to remember?

Looking to the future

Wow! I was so immature. I was 12 almost 13 and still talking out of turn. (One of my Mom’s pet peeves.) Now I am 27. I have 2 kids. Makayla and Micheal. Makayla is 3 and Micheal is a baby. Looking back I remember those days when I was “dreaming big”. Yeah, those dreams. Looking at the stars wanting to do big things. Like go to abortion clinics, convince the women there not to do this awful thing and give them a chance with there children, show them the possibilities for the future. If they did not want there children then I will raise them. I could be a missionary, nurse, school teacher, foster parent. There were so many things that I could have done. It seemed like I wanted to do something to change the government for the better. Because it seemed like our country was going downhill fast without God. I wanted to fix that. I would have become president if God wanted me to. Something to bring God alive in our government, states and the world. Everything I wanted to do was with the youth. Because “If you bring up the children you bring up the future.” (-Dana Krol) Or if you influents the government with God you can do things and change our states for the better.

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