Home school

This week we have been doing home school without Mrs. Beth. Mrs. Allison has been soo helpful with it. God has blessed me with great teachers. The first year I was here I had my spirited, kid friendly, loving, funny, and songful teacher Miss. Heather. Thank you Miss. Heather for starting up my confidence in home school and making each subject fun. Weather it was singing our language arts song, doing science experience, watching movies, or just being enthusiastic abut each subject and making it fun for me. After Miss. Heather Mrs. Beth became my teacher for 7th grade. God blessed me so much with this teacher because when we get back to the states and start school again I will be shocked at the tests, home work and the time investment in school. Thank you Mrs. Beth for getting me ready for school in America, and all the time, work and effort that will come with it. At the moment, while Mrs. Beth is getting her hand fixed, Mrs. Allison is teaching me. Thank you Mrs. Allison for being so supportive, flexible, patient, and full of grace for my slow working mind in the morning. When I was in 4th grade God gave me a math teacher who took it one set at a time for me and who was right there for my every question. Thank you Mrs. Rosenboom for being my math teacher with all your patience, grace, and step by stepness. Thank you for getting my mind ready for math here an now in 7th grade. I know that God gave me each teacher grade by grade for a reason and a peruse. Thank you Mom, Dad, Grandparents and the rest of my family who was right behind me in every step in grade levels. But most of all thank you God for giving me some of the best teachers out there to teach me in school, Bible, about you and about what really matters.




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