Birthday Party


Finally it had come after waiting all week! Today was the day of the Birthday party.It was going to be a blast.We are going to celebrate the January and February Birthdays.

We had been waiting for this party for months.We had bought decorations and costumes about 2 months ahead. We had planned everything out and talked about it more times than I can count.

Finally the day had come we were all so excited.In the morning The neighbors came over Alaina and Ava. We did our make up, hair, and nails while we excitingly chatted about what the day was going to look like.

Finally by 2:30 we had everything set up and ready to go. All the girls had their TuTus on, sashes that said happy birthday on them, and fathered mask.We had set up the photo booth so some of us had already begun taking pictures while we waited for the guest. Once the guest had arrived and put on their mask we spent an hour using the photo booth, chatting and laughing.

Once everyone had the pictures they wanted we played two games Party Quarks and Princess Knight Rider. It was so fun! We all cracked up and have memories for life.

We did so much more and as I look back on it I see how blessed I truly am.That I have a community all around me that loves God with all their heart and shows it everyday.That they would come and play games, wear silly masks and laugh together.Community is such a blessing and hold so many treasures all on its own.For as long as I live I will never forget the sisters and brothers I have made here at TES.God has truly blessed this place with amazing people.


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