Take Me Back to The Esther School

Have you ever been so excited to go to camp and you get there and have a blast? Yet at the end of the day when you think about it you miss home?

Its the same thing when you go back to America.When you are in Zambia you cant wait to get to America all you can do is think about it.You count down the days and make list of what you want and contact all your friends.You can’t contain the excitement of being home,seeing family and friends,eating junk,and watching Netflix and lets not forget AC! Its always a wonderful thought.

When the time finally comes you board that last plane until you are there back in the arms of your family.Its all so fun and exciting.You touch down,collect your luggage then rush past people to find your family.Thats when you see them! You drop all your stuff and run to them and end in a huge embrace.Its all good at that point.

Then once the excitement wares off and its a week later the jet lag kicks in:(

You are tired when other people are waking up and awake when other people are going to sleep.Let me say for those who have never experienced jet lag it stinks!

Then finally after a couple weeks the jet lag wares off you you start to get use to everyday life again but also you think I wonder whats going on at home?You start to miss being home and going to school and being with your Esther School family.So when the time comes for you to go back it’s always sad saying goodbye but it’s also good to return to your everyday life.




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