Zambian Pride

Zambia has its ups and it has its downs but everything in life has that. The first year I was hear I struggled with not having any of my family here, because in the states we would get together every fourth Sunday and we would spend every Tuesday in the summer as a family at my Grandma’s pool, and of course we would all get together as a family on holidays. But when we came here I had none of my cousins, aunts, uncles, or grandparents.

But when I found peace with that it was easier for me to focus on the good things. Like at gas station there are people that stay outside to fill up your tank for your car. In Zambia they also have some of the best and freshest produce like fruit and vegetables.

The people of Zambia are some of the most kindest people I have met! They love kids and when they see little kids they will say “greet me baby”. When they can talk english and you need help they would always be more than happy to help. More times than once I have seen several Zambians pushing a broken down car with the people still inside the car not helping. But if you look at there faces they at like they are pushing a famous person and having the greatest time of there lives.

When you get used to it here and you find God’s peace you start to enjoy it and it is easier to find the little things enjoyable to.

So I hope  that you will keep following me and keep on watching for what God is doing in my life.



2 thoughts on “Zambian Pride

  1. Alaina you put a Zambian smile on my face this morning!
    Yesterday we got our first snow and it is still white and still on the ground. (It is not in the trees like it was last night and a good share of it may be gone by the end of the day because the sun is shining.) The beauty of the the bright white snow is a reminder to me that Jesus in His great love washed us clean of our sin, as if we were “whiter than snow”!
    I love you. Keep writing, Grandma


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