Love at First Sight

Living in Zambia is so much fun! It has had a little bit of every thing. Adventure, love, community, growth but most of all God. He is that the center of this place.

When I first got here there was so much love and joy. I really wanted a piece of that. So I tried; and when I sat down with some of the kids and really invested in them I had so much fun and enjoyed it. They have such a light hearted laugh. There smile is so sweet that it just makes you smile right back. It is so much fun to play with them! Especially the ones who know English because you really never know what your going to talk about or even do. You could really talk about anything from fasting to dresses. You might end up playing anything from chiynto (ch – ee – ah – toe) to 9 square in the air. Love, joy, and of course God are everywhere here and you can tell. I am going to try to invest in these kids and show them that I really care through Christ who gives me strength, because when you do that you will be friends for life.





One thought on “Love at First Sight

  1. What a beautiful post and testimony Alaina! You are a blessing to all those in whom you invest your love. You are sharing the love that Jesus put in you. I’ll miss you this Christmas! I miss you always, but feel blessed to call you my granddaughter. I love you, Grandma
    Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.


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