Different Perspectives

In The States if my dad told me that we were going to get up and drive an hour so we could get ice-cream and pizza i would probably pitch a fit and ask why don’t we just drive 10 minutes down the road and get good o’l Dairy Queen. If my dad told me that we were going to eat Pizza Hut i would probably complain because I like Papa John’s better.Yet here in Zambia my attitude has changed completely.When we head into the city my heart is full and excited.Going is such a treat that it doesn’t matter what time we go or get back we are happy to go.I always look forward to the smell of pizza and the taste of ice-cream it is always the highlight of my week.I am so happy that we are blessed enough to drive into the city because most of the people at The Esther School never get the chance to drive in an Air conditioned car with their family to get some treats.God has blessed me with so much and so many opportunities and he is teaching me that no matter where you are or what has happened there is always a reason to be thankful. I can only hope and pray that if you are reading this you will understand how fortunate you are and think about some things you are thankful for maybe its as silly as Pizza and ice cream:)



One thought on “Different Perspectives

  1. I’m smiling in agreement, Analeigh! One thing I think about that I so appreciate is when I can be with my whole family. I don’t ever want to complain about seeing family to much because it is a pretty big deal to get us all together when half of them are in Africa! But I’m thankful it was possible!
    God Bless,
    Alaina’s Grandma


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