Things We Take for Granted

This week we had a long weekend. It was great! We did a lot of things that other people might take for granted. On Friday my dad had to do pay roll for the guys that work for the Esther School. So we stayed home and hung out for the day. But we got to watch a movie before bed which was special.

On Saturday my dad said that we could do something that we wanted to do. When my brother made the suggestion that we could go see the movie Secret Life Of Pets I was getting excited. My dad said that we could so we looked it up and found out that we could see it at 2:30.

As we went through our chores I was thinking about what else we could do. After we were all ready and had our chores done I was thinking of what to make for lunch because my mom was at a hotel with some other people from the Esther School for some mom time. Then my dad made the suggestion that we go to Pizza Hut for lunch. I agreed because I think that it is some of the best pizza in Lusaka. Lusaka is the city that is closest to us. It takes an hour to get there. The movie theaters, Pizza Hut and all the other things that are so close to us back home in America are there.

So we headed into the city. When we finally got to the city we headed to Pizza Hut. We ordered a cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza, and a dessert pizza. Then at 2:10 we headed to the movie theaters. It seemed to take a long time for the movie to start because we had gotten there early. But when it finally started it was worth the wait. It was so great movie and really funny.

After the movie we went to the ice cream store. The best ice cream store in Lusaka! It is called Gigigonta. In the States I take things for granted so much. For instance when my mom needs to quick get something, I baby sit and it takes her about ten minutes! Were as here it takes just an hour to get there.

When we got back home it was getting late. So we got ready for bed and watched another movie before bed. After the movie we were all exhausted. So we went to bed. On Sunday Mom came home and it was a minnie celebration!

So I hope that you will keep following me and seeing me on my blog.






2 thoughts on “Things We Take for Granted

  1. Dear Alaina, It sounds like you had a fun week end after your chores. We had a fun weekend to. As Grandpa and I went to the U.P. to see the colors of the trees. It was gorgeous!! We also went to Tahquamenon Falls. They are not as massive as Victoria but still God’s beautiful creation!!! The weather was mild and a bit rainy but we enjoyed our self so much!! The color of the trees is such a gift from God to – such beauty all created by Him!!! From Psalm 66: “Shout with joy to God, all the earth. Sing glory to His name; make His praise glorious!….All the earth bows down to You; they sing praise to You, they sing praise to Your name. Come and see what God has done, how awesome His works in mans behalf!”


  2. Alaina: Thanks for sharing, we love hearing about what you are doing. Good job writing; can’t wait to hear more. May God continue to bless you with special days and with an appreciation for His gifts.


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