Right Next Door

I will miss my new sisters here when we come home this summer. There is so much community here. Mrs. Allison is my math teacher and my sub-mom, miss. Lisa is so open and aware of the kids and does special things for us, Abby and Analeigh are now my sisters and we will always be sisters, and all the others have had such an influence to me. Miss. Rachel is my Bible teacher and Miss. Cecilia is my grammar teacher. I am so blessed to live in close community with these great people of faith. We had a party for me, Analeigh, Abby, Lacy and Seth’s friend Abe. All the teachers came, Abby, Analeigh, Abby, and there parents came, and our friends from Chongwe came. These people jumped threw hoops to make it work. Mrs. Allison and my mom bought some things for it like masks, and mustaches and sunglasses for a photo booth, Miss. Lisa did three games, Miss. Cecilia brought tottos for it and many people did things for our party that I don’t know about. I will miss this so much when we go home. But, at the same time I can’t wait to see my family. I love my life because there is nothing better than being right in the middle of God’s will.

Here is a poem that I wrote. In Language arts we are learning about poetry. The one that I picked is about a child that lives on the streets. So here is a poem that I wrote:

the tree sways

it has something in its branches

it’s a mango

a food that sustains me

when almost all the corn is gone

when we are just planting new

that’s when there ripe

that’s when we eat them

God did it

He planed it that way

he knew we would need food

and He knew what times

mango tree, mango tree

your fruit is for me

it is sweet, sustaining, and satisfying

mango tree, you are a food storage


that’s the sound of the mangos being eaten

crunch threw the hard skin

slurp the juice

God, thanks for the mango trees

my family is still alive, I am still alive

our corn is planted

and my new baby brother is still alive

mango tree, mango tree

thank you, thank you, thank you

God, God thank you most

I am still alive today

Thank you for reading my blogs.



Future me

This January we were given an assignment to reflect on the new year…but from the perspective of ourselves in the future. How did year 2017 in Zambia impact us and grow us? When we reflect on who we are at that time of our lives what do we remember?


Was the mark of a Great Year!!!

It all started when I was thirteen almost fourteen. Of course I didn’t have a care in the world.My biggest concern was school but when I look back on that now it was the silliest thing I ever stressed out about. The year was great I was loving life and living it to the fullest! I had started the praise band team at our church in Lusaka.That was one of my most fun achievements.I loved getting up there and singing to God who I knew was bent down listening to every word.Many things happened that year that I either think wow that was awesome or in the moment the stunk but know I can see that it built my character.

So here I am almost 6 years later sitting at a table blogging and looking back to when I lived in Zambia.Im nearly 20 years old and I am going to college to be a… Well I haven’t quite figured it out yet.Thats ok I tell myself you have plenty of time but, truth is I don’t! It seems like time is just flying by and I am just sitting here acting like I am thirteen again not a care in the world. The only difference is when I was thirteen I went to school and now I’m not because I don’t know what I want to be! There are way to many options,Doctor,Lawyer,Social worker, Counselor, Teacher, and so much more! How am I suppose to choose and what if I choose the wrong one? Ugh see why I haven’t chosen one yet.Well if you haven’t its because I am indecisive and keep thinking of the what ifs.I need to stop thinking like that so I have. I have stoped everything even the thinking about college.

Thats where I am now just an almost 20 year old sitting around no job and not going to school.Yet if you ask me, I am loving life.Everyday I get up and think where do I want to eat breakfast today? The answer is usually Chick-Fil-A of course!  Now I think I should be honest I mean I have already told you everything else so here it goes.To be honest I am sitting at Chick-Fil-A right now eating chicken nuggets and sipping on a lemonade.I know,I know I need to get up, go get a job and figure out what to do with my life.So if your thinking that or just want to help me out comment below what you think I should do with my life, what I should go to school for.It would be a big help so thanks. Don’t worry while your doing that I am on my way home right now to look for job applications and look at colleges.Ha! Who am I kidding I am going home to lay in bed, watch Netflix, and eat ice cream so all of you who have a job or go to college good luck and maybe it will be me someday.Of course with Y’alls help. So make sure and comment below what you think and we will see where I end up.


Looking to the future

This January we were given an assignment to reflect on the new year…but from the perspective of ourselves n the future. How did the year 2017 in Zambia impact us and grow us us? When we reflect on who we are at this time in our life, what do we want to remember?

Looking to the future

Wow! I was so immature. I was 12 almost 13 and still talking out of turn. (One of my Mom’s pet peeves.) Now I am 27. I have 2 kids. Makayla and Micheal. Makayla is 3 and Micheal is a baby. Looking back I remember those days when I was “dreaming big”. Yeah, those dreams. Looking at the stars wanting to do big things. Like go to abortion clinics, convince the women there not to do this awful thing and give them a chance with there children, show them the possibilities for the future. If they did not want there children then I will raise them. I could be a missionary, nurse, school teacher, foster parent. There were so many things that I could have done. It seemed like I wanted to do something to change the government for the better. Because it seemed like our country was going downhill fast without God. I wanted to fix that. I would have become president if God wanted me to. Something to bring God alive in our government, states and the world. Everything I wanted to do was with the youth. Because “If you bring up the children you bring up the future.” (-Dana Krol) Or if you influents the government with God you can do things and change our states for the better.

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Home school

This week we have been doing home school without Mrs. Beth. Mrs. Allison has been soo helpful with it. God has blessed me with great teachers. The first year I was here I had my spirited, kid friendly, loving, funny, and songful teacher Miss. Heather. Thank you Miss. Heather for starting up my confidence in home school and making each subject fun. Weather it was singing our language arts song, doing science experience, watching movies, or just being enthusiastic abut each subject and making it fun for me. After Miss. Heather Mrs. Beth became my teacher for 7th grade. God blessed me so much with this teacher because when we get back to the states and start school again I will be shocked at the tests, home work and the time investment in school. Thank you Mrs. Beth for getting me ready for school in America, and all the time, work and effort that will come with it. At the moment, while Mrs. Beth is getting her hand fixed, Mrs. Allison is teaching me. Thank you Mrs. Allison for being so supportive, flexible, patient, and full of grace for my slow working mind in the morning. When I was in 4th grade God gave me a math teacher who took it one set at a time for me and who was right there for my every question. Thank you Mrs. Rosenboom for being my math teacher with all your patience, grace, and step by stepness. Thank you for getting my mind ready for math here an now in 7th grade. I know that God gave me each teacher grade by grade for a reason and a peruse. Thank you Mom, Dad, Grandparents and the rest of my family who was right behind me in every step in grade levels. But most of all thank you God for giving me some of the best teachers out there to teach me in school, Bible, about you and about what really matters.



Birthday Party


Finally it had come after waiting all week! Today was the day of the Birthday party.It was going to be a blast.We are going to celebrate the January and February Birthdays.

We had been waiting for this party for months.We had bought decorations and costumes about 2 months ahead. We had planned everything out and talked about it more times than I can count.

Finally the day had come we were all so excited.In the morning The neighbors came over Alaina and Ava. We did our make up, hair, and nails while we excitingly chatted about what the day was going to look like.

Finally by 2:30 we had everything set up and ready to go. All the girls had their TuTus on, sashes that said happy birthday on them, and fathered mask.We had set up the photo booth so some of us had already begun taking pictures while we waited for the guest. Once the guest had arrived and put on their mask we spent an hour using the photo booth, chatting and laughing.

Once everyone had the pictures they wanted we played two games Party Quarks and Princess Knight Rider. It was so fun! We all cracked up and have memories for life.

We did so much more and as I look back on it I see how blessed I truly am.That I have a community all around me that loves God with all their heart and shows it everyday.That they would come and play games, wear silly masks and laugh together.Community is such a blessing and hold so many treasures all on its own.For as long as I live I will never forget the sisters and brothers I have made here at TES.God has truly blessed this place with amazing people.

Take Me Back to The Esther School

Have you ever been so excited to go to camp and you get there and have a blast? Yet at the end of the day when you think about it you miss home?

Its the same thing when you go back to America.When you are in Zambia you cant wait to get to America all you can do is think about it.You count down the days and make list of what you want and contact all your friends.You can’t contain the excitement of being home,seeing family and friends,eating junk,and watching Netflix and lets not forget AC! Its always a wonderful thought.

When the time finally comes you board that last plane until you are there back in the arms of your family.Its all so fun and exciting.You touch down,collect your luggage then rush past people to find your family.Thats when you see them! You drop all your stuff and run to them and end in a huge embrace.Its all good at that point.

Then once the excitement wares off and its a week later the jet lag kicks in:(

You are tired when other people are waking up and awake when other people are going to sleep.Let me say for those who have never experienced jet lag it stinks!

Then finally after a couple weeks the jet lag wares off you you start to get use to everyday life again but also you think I wonder whats going on at home?You start to miss being home and going to school and being with your Esther School family.So when the time comes for you to go back it’s always sad saying goodbye but it’s also good to return to your everyday life.



Take Me Back to The Esther School

When I went back to the states back in December I remember counting down the hours until we landed. Now I realize that it took so long because my watch was in the wrong time zone! Oops! But when we finally arrived it was so worth the wait! It was practically a minnie reunion. When we had been there for a couple of days I got back to my own ways and started to take things for granted again. And as soon as I did I started to wish that I was back at the Esther School. When I started to think on it a little more I realized what I was doing and divided to think of all of my blessings. When I did that I realized that there is pores and cons to both. But then I started to focus on what people were doing back at the Esther school. I started to wonder what they were doing and wishing that I was back at the Esther School but also so excited to be back in America were my friends and family are. When we went to our friends house that had been there before One of my friends came up to me and said “You are so lucky to be in Zambia with all the kids. I wish that I could go back to Zambia with you.” And then it dawned on me that I was going back and so I did not need to worry but my friend might not be able to come back. So when I think of the states and start to wish that I am there I remember that if you are happy in the place you are at right now then you will be happy all your life.

And with that I hope that you will keep following my blog.